About Shannon!

Your Questions for me!

All of your questions that you asked me on Instagram are all answered below! Take a look ♥

I got so many great Questions from you lovelies, so I decided to put them in categories to make it easier on you!

About me!

Q. What is your age?

A. I am 21, my birthday is February 23rd!

Q. Whats your favorite color?

A. Pink & Black!

Q. Favorite football team?

A. College- Oklahoma State;  NFL- Houston Texans

Q. How tall are you?

A. I am 5’5!

Q. How much do you weigh?

A.  I weigh around 110-115. It varies too much.

Q. How many tattoos do you have and what do they say?

A. I have 7 tattoos!

  • On my shoulder- “Trust the Process”
  • Hip- Coordinates to where I was born in England
  • Spine- With Pain Comes Strength
  • Achiless- The roman numeral 13
  • Behind my ear- A sun
  • Under my boobs- Grace with Humility
  • Down my ribs- FIOFMU
Q. Did you already travel out of the US? Say 1 place you want to go to.

A.  I have gone to many different countries: Cozumel, England, Puerto Costa Maya, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, and Cancun, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic. One place I would love to go to is Greece!

Q. Favorite country you have been to?

A.  I would have to say the Cayman Islands! My family and I have been there multiple times and have loved it more and more every time.

Q. When did you move to the US?

A. I moved to the US when I was 5 years old!

Q. Why did you move to the US?

A. My dad works for an oil company and his job relocated us!

Q. Do you miss being in England?

A. Honestly no, I moved to the US when I was 4 so I have grown up here and have had so many opportunities here in Texas. I do miss all of my family back home in England, but I definitely do prefer the US.

Q. Do you have a British Accent?

A. Nope since I moved here so early!

Q. Do you look more like your mom or dad?

A. I look way more like my mom, but definitely have my dads personality!

Q. What is the book called that I keep posting about?

A. Its called You are a Badass Everyday! I am going to be making a whole post about everything I am currently reading and going through so keep an eye out for that one!

Q. Where do you shop mostly for clothes?

A. If you click here it will take you the my favorites page where I have all my favorite stores listed!

Q. Favorite Go-to Products for makeup?

A. If you click here it will take you straight to my favorites page!

Q. What do I want most in life?

A. Success in any aspect I lean towards. I know thats very vague, but thats I all want.

Q. Do you have a poshmark?

A. Yes i do, click here to take you to my page!

Q. Are you and your boyfriend still together?

A. Unfortunately no, but I still wish the absolute best for him!

Q. Top 3 best fast food places I like to eat & top 3 worst.

A.  Best: 1. Chick Fil a. 2. Burger King  3. Sonic       Worst: 1. Taco Bell 2. Taco Bell 3. Taco Bell



Q. What is your favorite thing about Navarro Cheer?

A. The amount of talent here that comes through here, and the amazing family I gained! Also the coach Monica Aldama is one of the greatest human beings to walk this planet. She turns you into a person you actually should be in life, and takes care of you from the second you are selected for the team. FIOFMU

Q. Did you do school Cheer at Cinco Ranch High School!

A. Yes, I cheered at my high school my sophomore and senior year!

Q. If I could have a career in anything other than cheer what would it be?

A. Definitely physical therapy or personal training.

Q. What is your major?

A. I am majoring in Kinesiology!

Q. How did I decide on a college major?

A. Well I always knew I wanted to something that involved sports. I knew I wasn’t the type of person to sit behind a desk and what not, so I started looking at my options and if you read 2 questions below you can see why I chose the profession physical therapy.

Q. How do you balance school and cheer?

A. Make sure you know your priorities, school comes before cheerleading, DONT STRESS, take your time, and always plan out your day making sure you fit both in at the right times!

Q. What made you want to become a Physical Therapist

A. Well, Since I have been a cheerleader for so many years, I have experienced and over come so many injuries, and have had to take many trips to a PT and it always made me so interested in their job! I want to help athletes get back on their feet, or finish out their season because I know how it feels to be injured and to be on the sidelines watching your team and not being able to help!

Q. After leaving OSU, what made you decide on Navarro College?

A. Well, actually after I left OSU, I went back to allstar cheerleading at CA and fell back in love with it once again, and wanted to do CA the next year, and be on Wildcats! I knew a lot of people who did CA as well as attending Navarro college and cheering there. I always heard that Navarro Cheer was amazing and a legendary program, so I decided to give it a shot and tryout. I am now currently here at Navarro for a third year and absolutely loving it!

Q. How do you like Navarro College (Ignoring the cheer aspect)

A. I love the school itself! It is located in a small town which I love! The school atmosphere and the people around make it that much better!

Q. What skills did you have when you tried out at Navarro?

A. I threw a toe touch two to full, a whip through to full & a standing full. I have gained so many more skills with the two years being here also! I competed a two to whip full, & a running whip full which is definitely a step ahead of what I tried out with.

Q. Do you still talk to your OSU friends?

A. YES YES!! One of my best friends still attends OSU and I always try to make time and visit every once and a while!

Q. Why don’t you got to OSU anymore?

A. I didn’t feel like OSU was home to me. Everything happens for a reason, and I am so happy where I am now!



Q. What age did you get into cheer?

A. I was 6 years old!

Q. What cheer organizations have you cheered with and when?

A. Cheernation until 2011, Prodigy Allstars 2011- 2014, Cheer Athletics 2014-2016, Woodlands Elite 2016-2017, Cheer Athletics 2017-2019!

Q. How old were you when you got your level 5 tumbling skills!

A. I got my full and double when I was 7 years old

Q. What made you leave CA and go to Woodlands Elite.

A. My sophomore and junior year of high school I was driving 4 and a half hours to CA for practice on Monday and Wednesdays, and on the weekends I would leave Saturday morning and come home Sunday nights. I would miss all the activities my school hosted, and all the memories my friends were making while I was in dallas for CA, and I absolutely hated it. For my senior year, I decided I wanted to stay close to home and be able to attend my homecoming, friends parties, and prom so I decided to join Woodlands Elite which was only 45 mins away from me!

Q. How many hours/practices do you have a week?

A. For Navarro we practice everyday 1-3, Tuesdays and Thursdays we practice at night from 8pm-10pm. For Cheer Athletics we practice every Monday and Wednesday from 7:30pm-9:30pm, and Sundays from 1-3, and sometimes Saturday.

Q. Advice for a first time flyer?

A. Trust your self and your bases, keep your knee locked out at all times, believe in your self, and smile 🙂

Q. Do you drink anything before competing that really helps your performance?

A. Yes, I always drink a Bang before I compete! At practice if I know we are going to tumble, I drink a full shaker bottle of C4 Blue Raspberry  pre workout!

Q. Have you ever had an injury that almost made you stop cheer for good?

A. I was diagnosed with scoliosis in the 9th grade, and my Doctor was very skeptical about me still cheering, but I didn’t stop! I have had many ankle injuries that have made me think I need to stop, but I still haven’t… LOL oops.

Q. How do you balance school and cheer?

A. Make sure you know your priorities, school comes before cheerleading, DONT STRESS, take your time, and always plan out your day making sure you fit both in at the right times!

Q. Favorite uniform you have ever used?

A. Definitely has to be the Original Cheetah uniform we wore 2014!

Q. Favorite Woodlands Elite Team?

A. Probably Black Ops since I was on that team 2016!

Q. What is your favorite stunt?

A. If we are talking about coed stunting, I would have to say a Hand n Hand!

Q. Stunting or Tumbling?

A. Tumbling 100%!

Q. Most valuable lessons you have learned from cheer?

A.  1. Friendships are so important  2. You can put a smile on your face no matter what  3. Who you are is more important than you think.  4. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Q. Any advice for mental blocks?

A. I know its hard to get out of your head, but you know you can do the skill so don’t think so much about it. Take your time and don’t rush your self.


P.S. so many people have been asking diet and fitness questions, so I promise to make a whole post about all of that good stuff soon! Just trying to finalize all of that!

For Food questions, you can also refer to my  Lets Focus on Eating Healthy Together post! I posted about all the foods I eat daily, and how I am transitioning into a healthier lifestyle!

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