Women POWER!

Ladies its OUR day!


Happy International Women’s day!

We have our own day during the year…. WE ARE SPECIAL! Lemme tell ya, being a lady is hard. I know you guys can all agree. We are constantly harassed. We always believe what people say. We struggle 24/7. We are tortured by mother nature. We are so hard on our selves. We want to be perfect, but I swear its close to impossible! Who does society say we are? Are we as good as men? Are we better? There so many questions in the world that women have to deal with… but the worst one is… ARE WE AS GOOD AS HER?

Ladies, we need to realize that someone else is beautiful without thinking that WE ourselves are ugly and worthless. I know its not easy, but God handmade each and everyone of us how he wanted to… and how are we not okay with that?

Self Confidence is the #1 priority in our lives. WE have to accept who we are, and if we don’t, we will struggle and theres no doubt about that. Yes it is hard to master, but look at your self with a brighter view, with a smile on your face, and look at your self knowing YOU ARE the strong, fierce lady you grew up to be. You always look around and think… “Wow she looks like her life is perfect” “Wow I want her life”… but little do you know they are most likely struggling in some aspect in their life as well. Don’t compare your selves to others looks, personality, or life… YOU are YOU! If there is someone in your life bringing you down, making you feel like you have to change and be like someone else… then they are clearly not meant to be in your life. Self Confidence starts within you and YOU only.

Women can be so powerful when we want to be. Why not start now? Accept your self, accept who you are, accept your flaws, and live your life how you want it to be. Change your mindset now, and be the SASSY queen you have always dreamt to be.

Love your self ladies, and start building that confidence now! Emotionally, Physically, and mentally… all three play extremely important roles in the process of working on your self.

How to start building your confidence? Keep reading below…♡

  • No more comparing your self. Quit now. Get rid of any distractions in your life that make you think.. am I good enough?
  • Surround your self with love. Spend time with friends and family who love you for who you are. Don’t let anyone judge you that you care about. It is hard to overcome something someone told you if they mean a lot to you. I get it. I know.
  • Accept your flaws and imperfections. Your most strenuous flaws most likely don’t ever go away, so why stress about them for the rest of your life? Accept that you have them, and move on.
  • BE HAPPY! Happiness is contagious to others and even your self. Happiness causes smiles which then causes more self confidence. (weird how that one works right?)
  • Remember you are human. Humans are not perfect. & thats how its always gonna be :/
  • Be comfortable in your own body. If you can’t get your self to do that, then lets work on it.

You are contagious whether you know it or not. You are HOT. You are that fierce lil mama. You are powerful. YOU are YOU.

Self confidence is key. OWN IT. Work it. Spread it.


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