Whole NYE Outfit under $50!! WOW

NYE 2018!

Welcome back everyone! I am so excited to share with you guys about how in love I was with my NYE outfit and I barely spent anything! So, every New Years Eve I always plan to buy a new outfit, the whole ordeal… new jewelry, new shoes, new everything… it’s kind of a tradition now, and I always go after christmas, because then maybe I have some new gift cards, or maybe a little bit more cash on me. This year I had nothing in mind of what I wanted to wear, so I went to my home town mall and just started rummaging through a few of my favorite stores (all of them are located on the favorites page!!) and I knew this year I definitely didn’t want to spend tons of money, because I have always believed there is no need for super expensive clothes, because the cheap ones look just as great! I got this whole entire outfit under $50.. like WOW its totally possible to look great and not spend your whole bank account…LOL well I’m going to link below where my whole outfit is from and links to the store it’s self, or if I can find the actual product on the websites store I will link that as well!


I took this before I put makeup on or did my hair… don’t judge LOL

Just so you can see the cutest jewelry ever!

Shop my outfit!

  • Dress $14.99 – Unfortunately I can’t find the exact link to this dress but I did buy it in store at Q!
  • Boots $25.00– I found these boots in store at but here is the link to them Charlotte Russe
  • Choker $2.99– Unfortunately the store I got the choker from doesn’t even have a website.. 🙁 I linked it so you can see for your self.. WAX STORE – seriously the cheapest and best store for jewelry!!!
  • Earrings $7.50– These hoop earrings are from Claire’s 

Below im going to link some dresses and chokers similar to mine so you have that option too!


Night Fever Dress

The Shimmy and Shake Dress

Brightest rhinestone dress


Luxurious Silver Plated Lady Charming Full Rhinestone Collar Choker

Daycindy Siver Rhinestone Necklace

Bling Jewelry 





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