I have NEVER slept better!

“The Best Mattress out there”

Guys I have found the answer to all my sleeping problems.. LULL Beds!

This mattrress came straight to my door step in a box, which made the set up 10x easier. As soon as you unwrap the plastic off the mattrress, it starts expanding immediately! It takes about 24 hours to fully expand, but I couldn’t wait and slept on it about 5 hours after unwrapping it and it was perfectly fine! Its a luxury mattrress under $1000 and has the best support ever! Im telling you guys… you HAVE to get one! It is not like a normal mattress with springs and a thin layer of padding, because the LULL bed is 100% foam! I absolutely would recommend this mattrress company to anyone and everyone out there!

Here is a couple of pictures of it, and a link to get $150 off!

Enjoy ♡


Click here to purchase yours! 

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