Bipolar Texas Weather?

Never sure what to wear when you wake up? One day it is 30 degrees outside, and then the next day its 70? Do you live in Texas just like I do?

Well to answer all three of those questions… just shop at Tc Elli’s!! They always have outfits to fit all seasons unlike some stores how they just sell summer clothes during the summer, or just sell winter clothes during the winter.

These 2 outfits show you how TC Elli’s has it all!

So lets start with the Summery outfit!

  • I received the sandals and top (the shorts are my own).
  • The sandals are so simple and cute, and not to strappy like some shoes out there!
  • They are super comfy and the buckle on the sandal is like a little button you just pop into which ever hole fits best for you. (kind of like a belt)
  • I am wearing a small top, and its a lot more cropped than I thought, but hey the more cropped the cuter duh!
  • It is a thick fabric and isn’t see through so I love that!
  • So great for a summer look, with some shorts and sandals (just like I did)!


Click here to navigate to my very own link to bring you straight to this outfit so you can purchase it your self! (P.S. remember to use my code “shannon19” to get 19% off)



Also I received this Cute Tie Up Tee which comes in so many other colors!

-Remember to click on the link above to shop your own! Use the code “Shannon19” for a 19% off discount!

  • It is super light weight fabric which makes it so comfy!
  • Like I said above it comes in tons of colors to choose from!
  • You can tie it up however you want, or you don’t have to tie it at all!
  • If you don’t tie it up, it is a loose fit at the bottom
  • You can dress this up with some jeans for colder weather or wear some shorts… works either way!


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