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Who wants to change their lifestyle to something that comes so easily to them?

I know I like easy.. that is why I decided to say YES to changing my life with the help of Arbonne ☆

Here is a little bit of info about Arbonne because I know you guys are like oh goodness… what the heck is this?

  • Arbonne is a 39+ year old company that delivers botanically based personal care products and nutrition to your doorstep through Independent Consultants. It is also not just about the products- it is about the great people within this company. Arbonne is made up of thousands of individuals working to make their dreams come true as well as yours. All they did was say YES.♡
  • Arbonnes products are vegan certified, gluten-soy free, animal cruelty free, non GMO, no parabens, recycle free packaging, eco friendly accessories, etc. All products are healthy for your skin, hair, body and to digest which is the best part about this company.

Arbonne has so many different personal care products like:

  • Skin Care
  • Nutrition
  • Hair Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Baby Care
  • Bath & Body
  • Phytosport
  • Mens care

Being a consultant through Arbonne has shown me nothing but greatness. This community is a family who all works together to make dreams become reality. I am so excited I get to share this journey with you all and I hope you guys become interested as well~ I am going to link some of my favorite products from each category!

If you all are at all interested in purchasing some products or just looking through the catalog… CLICK HERE 

  • You will see when you click on the link that there is two options that you can choose as well as shop the products- “Become an Independent Consultant” and/or “Become a Preferred Client”. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about both of those options.
  • Preferred Client– becoming a PC gives you a 20%-40% discount off of all products from here on out until you stop buying arbonne. It is an extra $29 dollars to your order but when you are shopping make sure you use the prices “PC” if you do decide to do this option. You also receive free shipping on all orders $150+. After you pay the $29 once you don’t have to pay that ever again and you get the discounted prices overtime you want to order something… HOW AMAZING!
  • Independent Consultant- Do you just love Arbonne products so much that you love sharing your amazing results with everyone? Well then lets start selling them girly! You can become an independent consultant and start making a pay check. Yes, there is a lot more to this part I am not going to put on here but if you become an Independent Consultant through my link then we are TEAMMATES ♛ I can walk you through a lot more after you sign up!

Dont forget to follow my Arbonne Instagram as well for more inspiration and we can communicate through there! Please don’t hesitate to DM me through that instagram. I will 100% respond. @shan__arbonne (2 underscores) (or just click on the link- its easier)

Sorry I started blabbing on… I promise I didn’t forget to show you guys my favorite products. (PC means preferred Client btw)


The Real Conceal Liquid Concealer – $28 or $22.40 as a PC
Let it Set Refreshing Finishing Spray- $36 or $28.80 as a PC
“Its all in the eyes” Eyeshadow Pallete Volume 2- $56 or $44.80 as a PC
NEW! Speak Volumes Mascara- $30 or $24 as a PC






Skin Care:

Gentle Daily Cleanse- $30 or $24 as a PC
RE9 Advanced Prepwork Micellar Water – $30 or $24 as a PC
RE9 Advanced Set- $266 or $212.80 as a PC
Calm Collection – $140 or $112 as a PC
Rejuvenating Cream – $43 or $34.40 as a PC







Bath & Body:

Shea Butter Hand Cream – $24 or $16 as a PC
Arbonne Bontaniques COCONUT Body Butter- sold out currently
Arbonne Bontaniques PASSION FRUIT Hand Wash- $20 or $16 as a PC
Arbonne Botaniques VANILLA Lip Balm – $16 or $12.80 as a PC
Rescue and Renew Detox Mask – $44 or $35.20 as a PC
Rescue and Renew Detox Scrub- $50 or $40 as a PC
Rescue and Renew Body Wash- $32 or $25.60 as a PC
Liquid Sunshine Tinted Self Tanner- $46 or $36.80 as a PC

















Digestion Plus- $53 or $42.40 as a PC
Energy Fizz Sticks- $55 or $44 as a PC
Fit Chews- $24 or $19.20 as a PC
Complete Hydration $39 or $31.20
Chocolate Protein Shake Mix Powder- $77 or $61.60 as a PC







Hair Care:

Daily Shampoo- $26 0r $20.80 as a PC
Daily Conditioner- $26 or $20.80 as a PC
Daily Leave-In Treatment- $18 or $14.40 as a PC
ColorLAST Hair Serum- $31 or $24.80 as PC


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