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A Valentines Day Special

Happy Valentines Day Guys!!


Well it is finally Valentines Day so I decided to share with you guys a couple of  facts about MY valentine, Corey Scott and I ♡ I realized I haven’t written much about him on here, so I thought today would be a perfect day for that! For those who haven’t found the one yet, don’t ever give up! Don’t ever rush into it or try too hard to find someone, because I promise the right person comes when you aren’t expecting it whatsoever! When you do find “the one” hold on tight, and don’t ever let go.

  1. Corey & I met on Social Media… ( of course, social media is taking over these days I swear)
  2. I was actually the one to “shoot their shot” first on June, 30th 2018 as I saw we were going to the same college in the fall 😉 Corey hates admitting that, but hey it is true.. so you’re welcome baby
  3. We Started actually dating September 7th 2018, so its only been 6 months.. and it feels like a lifetime I swear.
  4. We NEVER have time to go on dates as we are both SO busy with sports. The only time of day we ever have time to eat together is at night after my practices. By the time I get home and changed, its about 11pm, and here in Corsicana , TX we don’t have many options at that time of night, so we have Whataburger, Applebes, and Waffle House to choose from. Whataburger is never a Yes from me, as I don’t eat as much fast food anymore… GO SHAN! Applebees is a pricier option than waffle house, so waffle house is where we go 24/7 I TELL YA!! The waiters and waitresses there have our order memorized… so embarrassing LOL.
  5. Corey and I are BOTH the most stubborn people in the world.. imagine both of us wanting the last word in an argument.. i swear it never ends HAHA.
  6. Corey’s favorite nickname for me is Jellybean, and I swear it warms my heart every time he calls me that!
  7. Corey is attending a D1 school in the fall, Northwestern State University! He is playing football there, and I am so proud of him for never giving up to reach his dreams!
  8. Corey is 6’3 and I am 5’5 so whenever I try to kiss him I look like a ballerina on my tippy tippy toes, and he never wants to bend down for me :/
  9. Corey is more supportive of me than you guys think.. he drives me to every practice and sits and watches, has attended every cheer competition so far, and has learned so much about cheer. I LOVE IT!
  10. Both of us are super competitive, so its always a competition between us. From who is on a higher level on an iPhone game, to who can run faster (which is him unfortunately) is gets so much fun honestly.
  11. We currently are wanting a dog but can’t choose because we both want something different. I want an Aussie and he wants a Corgi.. so might as well get a mix of both LOL.
  12. YALL we have the exact same personality, its the absolute best! We have the greatest times and memories together.

I hope you guys feel like you know a little bit about us here and there. I wish I had crazier facts, but it has only been 5 months so ill try to rack up some more and add them on here 🙂 Also below is few of my favorite pictures of us




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